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Landscape Design & Consultation

landscape design and consultation

Teedo will personally attend the initial consultation to start constructing a concept of the design. This process is conducted in an interview format to understand exactly what you want from your outdoor spaces and garden. Your house is not exclusively your home, but an element of your total living environment – and this concept is what we deliver. The site is assessed, then, structural and horticultural ideas are discussed to take you down the path of the elements and their costs.

A concept plan can then be generated which addresses the elements of colour, texture, form and harmony. A “first draft” is presented to illustrate the harmonious and holistic assets, and to deal with any further development or alterations of the ideas conceived. The final draft completes the design and plan with budgets and time lines in it’s consideration. This final draft can be a detailed working plan, which can include matters such as permits and engineering, or a finalised concept plan. Either of these options pay high priority to you and your families safety. The cost of either of these options is determined during the initial free consultation.