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Questions to Ask a Landscape Design Consultant Before Hiring

landscape design consultant

Hiring a landscaper is a pretty big decision. Not only because of the amount of work involved, but also the scope of work and the required timeline.


As part of your landscaping project, you would need to hire a landscape design consultant to come up with how best you can utilise your space and what designs would best suit your property.


Now, choosing one can be pretty difficult when you don’t know what you are looking for. This is why you need a baseline or a foundation of sorts to serve as benchmark for your assessments.


So, as expert landscape designers who are also specialists in sustainable gardening in the Macedon Ranges, the following are some of the best questions we know will help you weed out the suitable from the unsuitable.



How long have you been in business?


It’s a seemingly simple question,but from where we stand and what we know, asking this question helps you immediately qualify the designer and saves you a lot of time.


As a rule, go with designers who have a lot of experience and years under their belt. Seasoned landscaping designers will often have the manpower, skills and experience to come up with great designs that you are more likely to love.



How many previous projects have you completed?


Every smart landscape designer actually expects you to ask them the number of projects they’ve completed and what they look like.


More importantly, ask for references from your immediate area as terrain and topography does play a role in the final outcome of your landscaping efforts. For instance, as experts in landscaping and sustainable gardening in Macedon Ranges, we have worked with clients locally.


As a result of these projects, we understand the unique nature of the terrain and often factor that into all our designs. More importantly, prospective clients can easily access our portfolio of readily verifiable completed projects.



What’s the time frame for the project?


Well, this largely depends on the size of the project, extras and complexity. Most landscape designers will have to consider these factors before giving you a time frame for the completion of the project


The important thing is to never assume that they automatically know what you want. If youneed the project completed in two weeks, let them know what your expectations are and see if they can work with that timeline without compromising the quality of the project.



Who will work on the project?


Clients should have a clear expectation and knowledge of who to contact if they have any complaints, questions or need clarifications. Therefore, you should ensure that you know who will be working on your landscaping design.


This is what we do at TGB Outdoor Design. We know and understand that clients need consistency in personnel. That’s why all client projects are supervised by the same specialist from beginning to end.



What’s the best concept and design for my space?


Sometimes, clients have ideas that may not work as well given the available space and property size. So, what we recommend for clients is to approach the design consultant with their ideas and then ask for input.


Remember, consultants have a lot of experience and tend to easily spot major anomalies that could impact the final outcome of your project. So, ask us what we think about your ideas and we’ll be able to give you a fair assessment and possibly improve on your concept.


For more information on all we have to offer as outdoor designers in the Macedon Ranges, Melbourne, Greater Geelong District, and Dandenong Ranges call 0419396809 or find out a general overview at


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